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Who Will Be The MVP Of The Battle Of King's Landing?

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Another key battle is on the way on Game Of Thrones. While Cersei has a bigger army, she's sparked a level of rage in her enemies beyond anything we've seen before, perhaps ensuring the "Last War" for the throne will be even more devastating than the battle for Winterfell. But who among the forces of good will emerge as the most valuable player in the battle of King's Landing? Who among Daenerys's army will strike the most devastating blows? And who will take out Cersei herself - if not someone from Daenerys and Jon's alliance, then perhaps one of her supposedly loyal allies? 

  • Arya Stark1

    The clear hero of the battle at Winterfell, Arya heads for King's Landing alongside the Hound, stating that she has "unfinished business" there. Could she be out to cross Cersei off of her list?

  • Jamie Lannister2

    Jaime decides to abandon his newfound love with Brienne and head back to King's Landing. When telling Brienne why he must go, Jaime sounds like he hopes to reunite with his sister/lover, but it's also possible that he plans to get close to Cersei to end her evil ways once and for all.

  • Sandor Clegane3

    Clegane left Winterfell for King's Landing with Arya at his side, putting him on a collision course with the Mountain for the long-awaited CleganeBowl. If the Hound emerges victorious, it could be a turning point against Cersei's forces.

  • Jon Snow4

    The one-time Stark bastard turned "rightful" Targaryen heir will arrive in King's Landing with a lot of emotional baggage and a deep committment to his queen Daenerys. But will Dany's drive to burn the city put him at odds with his Khaleesi, perhaps forcing to make his own claim on the Iron Throne, even though he doesn't want the power?

  • Tyrion Lannister5

    Tyrion has plenty of reason to give his all in the upcoming battle. He's concerned by the signs he sees in Daenerys' demeanor, but he's still committed to helping the Breaker of Chains take the Iron Throne.

  • Drogon6


    The last of Dany's children may be just as angry and ready to lay waste to King's Landing as his mother. If Drogon doesn't target the city itself, then he'd certainly be well suited to set Euron's fleet on fire.

  • Sansa Stark7

    Sansa seems to be taking after Littlefinger more and more, and she's proven her ability to manipulate characters as she sees fit. If she has her way, Jon will end up on the Iron Throne, putting both Daenerys and Cersei in between her and her goals.

  • Grey Worm8

    Grey Worm

    Daenerys isn't the only person with a personal grudge against Cersei now. Grey Worm loved Missandei, and if he can channel his rage into the battle, he has the ability to fight his way right up to the top and take out Cersei (or at least Euron Greyjoy) all on his own.

  • Yara Greyjoy9

    Yara has successfully reclaimed the Iron Islands in Dany's name, and she definitely has unfinished business with her uncle Euron. She may join the fight to get her revenge on Euron and inflict a damaging blow to Cersei's forces.

  • Brienne Of Tarth10

    While still a loyal protector of the Starks, Brienne might follow Jaime back to King's Landing with the goal of taking Cersei out, if not for the good of all people, then to free Jaime of his unshakeable obsession with her.

  • Daenerys Targaryen11

    The Mother of Dragons lost her dragon Rhaegal and her closest remaining confidant Missandei to Cersei and her forces. She's angry and ready to claim the Iron Throne. Dany's rage may take innocent lives in the process, but it might be the quickest way to oust Cersei from her place as queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

  • The People Of King's Landing12

    The People Of King's Landing

    Cersei's ultimate undoing might just come at the hands of her subjects. After all, they're hungry, they're tired, and they're only supporting their queen because they believe she can protect them. If that sentiment shifts in the ensuing battle, the people may simply revolt and storm the Red Keep themselves.

  • Ghost13

    Jon sent Ghost away with Tormund, to live in the north with the Free People. Jon believes Ghost will be happier this way, but perhaps the direwolf disagrees and decides to secretly follow the Northerners to King's Landing. If that's the case, Ghost may end up saving Jon's life, giving him a chance to battle on and possibly save the day.

  • Daario Naharis14

    Daario Naharis

    We haven't heard from Dany's former lover in a while, so this might be the best moment for Daario to make a surprise return, possibly with the Second Sons in tow.

  • Lord Varys15

    He's not a fighter, but he's proven himself to always a trick up his sleeve in a pinch. While his faith in Daenerys is waning, he is still committed to protecting the realm, and Cersei is definitively a threat to the safety of Westeros.

  • The Unsullied16

    The Unsullied

    Grey Worm just lost the love of his life Missandei to Cersei, and he's ready to go to war. The Unsullied may key off of his emotional state and turn into a raging force we haven't seen before on the series.

  • Bronn17

    Bronn made it clear in his confrontation with Tyrion and Jaime that he would wait out the battle at King's Landing, there's always a chance he could show up at some point, especially if taking out Cersei himself guarantees his position at High Garden.

  • Tormund Giantsbane18

    Tormund Giantsbane

    While it appeared that Tormund would be leading the remaining Wildlings back to their home north of the Wall, it's possible he might change his mind and decide to assist Jon Snow at the war for King's Landing.

  • Rhaegal19


    Dany's dragon, and Jon Snow's sometimes steed, seemed to perish violently at the hands of Euron Greyjoy, but it's possible (albeit a long shot) that Rhaegal isn't dead, or might somehow be resurrected. If that's the case, Euron (and by extension, Cersei) better watch out.

  • The Golden Company20

    The Golden Company

    This army of sellswords are bound by contract to serve Cersei - but that may not be the case? It's possible that the army is in fact loyal to Euron Greyjoy since he was the person who hired them. If that's the case and Euron decides to betray Cersei, he would certainly have the manpower to do so. While this wouldn't aid in Dany's cause in any way, it would spell doom for Cersei.

  • The Dothraki21

    The Dothraki

    After facing near-annihilation at the Battle of Winterfell, the remaining Dothraki army may be eager to make a big and impactful stand at King's Landing.