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21 MCU Fans Point Out Guardians Of The Galaxy Details We Never Noticed Before

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The Guardians of the Galaxy are a hodgepodge of competent combatants and chaotic agents that somehow manage to make the universe a better place than how they found it. The Guardians fill a lovely niche in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – riding the line between heroes and swashbuckling bounty hunters. From Peter Quill's permanently-stuck-in-the-1980s mentality to Mantis' radical empathy and the incredible sibling dynamics between Gamora and Nebula, MCU fans continue to point out incredible details about the Guardians and we just can't get enough.

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  • 1. The Most Sound Logic In The MCU

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  • 2. Rocket's A Big Softie

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  • 3. That's What We Call A Coping Mechanism

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  • 4. Siblings Are Complicated

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