Over Unicorn Makeup? Try Going Goth Instead.  

Jessica L. Yarbrough
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If everything rainbow, technicolor, and unicorn isn't your thing, it may be time to try out some goth makeup. No, this isn't the Hot Topic look from your teen years; modern goth makeup is sultry, sophisticated, and can be rocked by anyone. 

Just like you don't have to be a certain astrological sign to rock the season's look, you don't have to be all-doom-and-gloom to try out these cool goth makeup looks. You can add a subtle gothic edge to your makeup with a few simple tricks - none of which require you to forgo your favorite glitter shadows or celeb-approved lipsticks. Here’s how to wear goth makeup without looking costumey.

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Use Wet N Wild's New Goth-O-Graphic Collection

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As Wet n Wild says, "Unicorns are so 2017. It's time to unveil your sultry side with our entrancing Goth-O-Graphic Collection."

If you want to experiment with goth makeup, you don't need to give up your love of holographic and metallic shades - Wet n Wild's new collection proves it. The set includes holographic highlighters, lipsticks, shadows, and liners that mix glowy metallics with edgy details. Give goth a try with the full Goth-O-Graphic box.

Blend Purple, Blue, And Brown Eyeshadows


Transition neutral eyeshadow into goth territory by adding shades of purple and blue. These cool, dramatic tones will edge up your look just enough - the Morphe 12 Color Zodiac Smokey Eye Pick Me Up Collection has all the shadow shades you need. To go full-on goth, add a thick rim of black eyeliner and a few coats of mascara on top.

Say Bye To Bronzers

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Any good goth will tell you that warm tones are the enemy. To that point, you should probably skip the bronzer and load up on icy-hued highlighters instead. If you're partial to creamy formulas, give L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Galaxy Stick in Astro Blue a try. If you prefer a powder highlighter, the purple undertone in Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Prismatic Amethyst is just the thing you need.

Balance Out Your Face

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The idea is to create makeup that's dark and moody, not overly dramatic. Keep the focus on either your eyes or your lips, not both at the same time. If you're indulging in bold black eyeshadow or liner, keep your lips nude. If you're testing out a dark matte lip, limit your eye makeup to a swipe of mascara. Easy!