Graveyard Shift Awesome Goths Who Prove It's Not Just A Phase  

Mick Jacobs
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In the words of Gothic Charm School's Jillian Venters (AKA the Lady of the Manners), "goth is something you grow into." Although mainstream culture often portrays the goth lifestyle as a meaningless depressive state or form of youthful rebellion, real-life goths showcase a wide variety of fashions and identities.

A social movement dating back 30+ years (over 400 if you consider gothic architecture and novels), being goth involves a lot more than just incorporating black into your wardrobe and humor. Gothic music, gothic fashion, and even gothic drag queens represent a few of the many sides of gothdom. Though ex-goths certainly exist, true believers never quite abandon the fashion.

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United By Darkness


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Cat Becomes The Bag


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Goths Definitely Lift


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Goth Knows No Age


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