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The Cast Of 'Gotta Kick It Up!': Where Are They Now?

Updated 30 Jun 2019 1.9k views10 items

In 2002, the Disney Channel released Gotta Kick It Up! and it quickly became one of their most beloved made-for-TV movies. Inspired by a true story, the film follows the Latin American members of a junior high school dance team and their path to triumph. Like many stars of the Disney Channel movies (DCOM) of the early 2000s, the actors of Gotta Kick It Up! have moved on to successful performing careers, although some have chosen a life outside the spotlight. 

Set in a Southern California middle school, Gotta Kick It Up! follows a group of girls who are devastated to learn that the school won't have a dance team anymore. Luckily, their new biology teacher Miss Bartlett agrees to coach them. As she pulls the dancers together, the girls find their voices and become strong, empowered young women. The movie culminates, of course, in an epic dance-off.

Let's find out where the cast of Gotta Kick It Up! is now.