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Grace Kelly Married Into Royalty, But Her Family Couldn't Keep Their Act Together

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Grace Kelly was a Hollywood starlet who walked away from the spotlight to marry into royalty. As the pinnacle of beauty and style in the mid-twentieth century, Grace Kelly became a 1950s film star after appearing in movies like Rear Window (1954) and To Catch a Thief (1955) and even won an Academy Award for her role in The Country Girl (1954).

Everything changed when Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1955 and, when they married the following year, she started a new life as Princess Grace of Monaco. Leaving acting and the US behind, Grace Kelly wasn't able to escape everything from her past, however. The Grace Kelly family tree was always lurking in the background. From the role her family played in her nuptials — paying a massive dowry just for the marriage to proceed — to the scandalous sexual relationships that characterized Grace Kelly's family history, the reality of her family life was often anything but the glamorous fairy tale it was thought to be. 

  • In 2013, Investigators Found The Former Kelly Home Full Of Dead Animals And Feces

    The Kelly family sold their Philadelphia home in 1973, but the house where Prince Rainier had proposed to Grace Kelly was purchased by an apparent animal hoarder. There were several complaints called into the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals but they didn't intervene until 2013.

    What they found when they entered the house was shocking. They found fleas and feces as well as "14 live cats, one dog, and one dead cat." Many of the live cats looked malnourished and unkempt. The homeowner, Marjorie Bamont, underwent a psychiatric evaluation and faced numerous charges of animal cruelty. She was convicted, ordered to pay "$10,000 to the PSPCA, and fined $800," and was prohibited from owning animals for four years. 

  • Her Son, Albert, Bought Back The Family Home In 2016

    Marjory Bamont died in 2016. With the Kelly house back on the market, Grace Kelly's son, Prince Albert of Monaco, bought the home with the intent of bringing it back to life. The house was initially listed for $1 million but Prince Albert bought it for $750,000. According to Prince Albert, the "house was very beautiful and very special to his family" and he looked forward to sharing it with his children.

    He also discussed plans of opening it up as a museum of sorts, or at least in part, and has announced that the house will be most likely be opened to the public in 2018