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Small Details From Grace Kelly And Prince Rainier’s Wedding

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Before there was Harry and Meghan, William and Kate, or Charles and Diana, there was Rainier and Grace. In April 1956, Hollywood star Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and the wedding captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of people around the world.

All-American actor Grace Kelly was born in Philadelphia to a wealthy family. Her talent took her all the way to Hollywood, where she worked alongside legends like Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, and Frank Sinatra, had some affairs, and won an Oscar at 25. Prince Rainier III was a well-connected royal from the tiny Principality of Monaco. Their wedding, in which a beautiful Hollywood starlet married a handsome European prince, was heralded as a fairy tale come to life.

But the wedding wasn't quite the fairy tale most people imagine. Small details about the Princess Grace Kelly wedding reveal that the event was grandiose, overwhelming, and taxing in equal measure for the royal couple. In fact, a lot of the details that people loved about it - such as Grace Kelly's immaculate bridal gown - were manufactured by Hollywood. MGM, Kelly's studio, stage-managed and packaged much of the big day and distributed it to everyday people who were hungry for happy endings.

From top to toe, moments of doubt to moments of joy, these intimate details shed new light on one of the 20th century's most romanticized royal weddings.

  • Photo: The Wedding in Monaco / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

    Her Dress Was A Gift From MGM

    The elegant, simply-silhouetted bridal gown that Princess Grace wore for the religious ceremony remains one of the most loved dresses used in a royal wedding. But she didn't commission it from a high-fashion label like Christian Dior or Chanel; instead, the gown was designed and produced by Helen Rose, an Oscar-winning costume designer

    Helen Rose knew how to make wedding dresses. She had previously created one for Elizabeth Taylor's marriage to Nicky Hilton. Kelly's gown cost $7,226, but was paid for by MGM.

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    Grace Kelly Declined To Wear A Tiara

    Royal brides often don blinged-out tiaras on their wedding day to signal their entrance into the institution of the monarchy - Kate Middleton did it, as did Meghan Markle. But Grace Kelly declined a tiara in favor of a simpler, if equally elegant, look.

    Instead of a tiara, she wore a Juliet cap that wouldn't obstruct her face. It wasn't a plain cap, however - designer Helen Rose made it out of exquisite lace and pearls

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    They Honeymooned On A Yacht That Aristotle Onassis Had Given Them As A Wedding Present

    After the chaos of the wedding, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace sailed off on their honeymoon on the Deo Juvante II. For a month, the yacht took them to beaches around the Mediterranean. 

    The Deo Juvante II - and its new owners - had connections to a different kind of royalty. Shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis presented the yacht to Prince Rainier and Princess Grace as a wedding gift. Onassis would marry American royalty just 12 years later when he became Jackie Kennedy's second husband.

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    Grace Kelly Was Granted 142 New Official Titles

    Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier actually went through two separate ceremonies: a low-key civil service on April 18 and a religious service with pomp and circumstance the next day.

    The actual civil service went on for a quick 15 minutes. But there was more to come: The new princess received a bounty of new titles to herald her arrival in the Monégasque royal family. It took no less than 25 additional minutes for the stewards to recite all 142 of the new princess's titles, including the big one, "Her Serene Highness Princess Grace."

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