Musicians Whose Grammy Wins Basically Made Their Careers

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The Grammy Awards can play a very important role in shaping an artist's career. With a victory, millions upon millions of unfamiliar music fans can suddenly recognize a musician and flock to listen to what impressed the voters. Sometimes, this boost takes a relatively unknown artist and turns them into a household name. There are plenty of examples of this happening since the inception of the Grammys. A number of great artists who might not have been heard of otherwise became stars. While it may have surprised outsiders, ultimately, these artists had their music heard by the masses.

So, who are the artists who had a Grammy win give their career a boost and most benefited from their Grammy wins? (It could have been in any category, not just Album of the Year or Best New Artist.) The likes of Amy Winehouse and Adele were already coming on strong with big singles, but their respective Grammy victories legitimized their music. Relatively new artists (at the time of their wins) like Eminem, Norah Jones, and a young Mariah Carey used their victories to launch their career into superstardom.

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