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76 of Your Grandpa's Hottest Childhood Crushes

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These photos of your grandfather's hottest childhood crushes are here as a reminder that some of today's Hollywood legends were yesterday's hotties. Some of these sexy celebrities over 70 (or 80, or 90…) were so hot during the Golden Age of film and television that most were even considered sex symbols. Admit it, women such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and more, whom your grandpa had adolescent dreams about were total babes.

No one can deny that the famous people featured in the list of women your gramps fell in love with as a young man are some of the most beautiful celebrities of all time. The list includes current and long-gone celebs, from legendary actresses of stage and screen, film noir femme fatales, pin-up babes, and even former child stars who grew up into wholesome All-American beauties. These golden gals come from different backgrounds, some are even international star, but one major thing that ties them together is that your grandaddy, or perhaps an older uncle, cousin, or even your great-grandfather lusted after these women in their youth.

Who are the hottest Hollywood ladies that were so smoking, your grandfather couldn't keep his eyes off them? This list of classic babes features photos of celebs at their prime. There are plenty of sexy photos of older stars on this list of your dad's hottest childhood and teenage crushes. Take your pick and vote for your favorite from the gallery below, or re-rank this list your way. Be sure to also check out Ranker's lists of your father's childhood crushes, the hottest women over 60, and women who have gotten hotter with age.