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The Best Grant Morrison Comics of All Time

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It's rare for a single voice to pierce through the hazy collaboration it takes to produce comics, but Grant Morrison's is one of the loudest and most unique. The violently original Scotsman is one of the greatest comic book writers of all time. His works are surreal, bizarre, and iconoclastic, but above all, uncompromising.

He has guided some of the most popular characters of all-time and created original works that are both literally and figuratively magical. Whether writing for iconic figures like Superman or characters of his own strange invention, the loquacious and inventive scribe always has a surprise up his sleeve. He's written for both Marvel and DC, along with plenty of indies, yet has always maintained his totally unique voice.

These are the best comic books by Grant Morrison. Vote up your favorite comics and vote down the ones that aren't up to Morrison's standards.
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    All-Star Superman

    Based on the mythological twelve feats of Hercules, Superman is forced to confront twelve abstract concoctions from the quirky depths of Grant Morrison's brain and the forgotten reaches of the DC Universe. Few portrayals of the Man of Steel venture this far outside the box, and even fewer so gracefully articulate the lasting appeal of the biggest character in comics.

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      Animal Man

      Animal Man is another one of Morrison's post-modern comics about comics, this one with a focus on animal rights and vegetarianism - two issues very close to Morrison's heart. Fourth walls are broken, and many of the characters seem aware that they exist inside a fiction.

      The best thing about Animal Man is that for all its weirdness, it's still technically a canonical entry to the DC Universe.

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        Doom Patrol

        The original Doom Patrol ran from 1963 to 1968, when the entire team of outcast superheroes was killed off in the final issue. The revival was Morrison's mainstream breakthrough success with DC. Morrison invented surreal new characters and a self-aware style that parodied contemporary superhero comics while also being enjoyable for fans looking for straightforward superheroics.
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          New X-Men

          There is no middle ground regarding Morrison's time with Marvel's merry mutants. People love it or hate it. Either way, you have to give him credit for being boldly adventurous at a time when the X-titles sorely needed innovation. This run introduced Professor X's evil twin, secondary mutations, nano-Sentinels, Xorn ,and a new paradigm in which Mutants were plentiful and publicly visible.
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