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The Best Grant Morrison Comics of All Time

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It's rare for a single voice to pierce through the hazy collaboration it takes to produce comics, but Grant Morrison's is one of the loudest and most unique. The violently original Scotsman is one of the greatest comic book writers of all time. His works are surreal, bizarre, and iconoclastic, but above all, uncompromising.

He has guided some of the most popular characters of all-time and created original works that are both literally and figuratively magical. Whether writing for iconic figures like Superman or characters of his own strange invention, the loquacious and inventive scribe always has a surprise up his sleeve. He's written for both Marvel and DC, along with plenty of indies, yet has always maintained his totally unique voice.

These are the best comic books by Grant Morrison. Vote up your favorite comics and vote down the ones that aren't up to Morrison's standards.
  • Morrison's magnum opus introduces his belief in Chaos Magic and follows a secret society of enlightened, violent, sexuality liberated agents clandestinely protecting Earth from a malevolent alien force.

    In an overly meta twist, the series itself is a work of Chaos Magic, acting as a sigil for Morrison to cast his cosmic spell. Its literary and occult references run so deep that it took an online companion dedicated to helping readers understand things while simultaneously strengthening its inherent magic.

    The book's genius - and its insanity - are undeniable.
    • Created By: Grant Morrison
    • Publisher: Vertigo
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  • In 2006, Grant Morrison became the writer on Batman and his first story officially canonized the idea of Bruce Wayne having an illegitimate son with Talia al Ghul. Damien Wayne became the biggest splash in Batman comics since Harley Quinn, almost immediately earning legions of fans and a place in the character's history.
    • Created By: Bob Kane, Bill Finger
    • Publisher: DC Comics
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    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    This one-shot smashed together Dave McKean's abstract art, deep psychological explorations of previously superficial characters, and uncomfortable truths about Gotham, shoving them down the throat of mainstream comic readers. This stands as one of the boldest, strangest big successes in the history of comic books. Basically, you can't skip Arkham Asylum and still call yourself a fan of comics.
    • Publisher: DC Comics
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    New X-Men

    There is no middle ground regarding Morrison's time with Marvel's merry mutants. People love it or hate it. Either way, you have to give him credit for being boldly adventurous at a time when the X-titles sorely needed innovation. This run introduced Professor X's evil twin, secondary mutations, nano-Sentinels, Xorn ,and a new paradigm in which Mutants were plentiful and publicly visible.
    • Created By: Grant Morrison
    • Publisher: Marvel Comics
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