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The Sweet And Tragic Tale Of Grape-kun The Penguin

Once in a great while, a love story comes along that makes you re-evaluate romance and life in general. The tragic tale of Grape-kun the penguin is just such a story. A Japanese penguin named Grape-kun lived with other penguins of the Tobo Zoo, in Japan, but he was a little different from them. Having suffered heartbreak and loss, he turned his affections towards someone that could never harm him: a promotional cutout of an anime character. This bittersweet romance captivated the hearts of zoogoers, as well as the entire internet. In 2017, all those hearts broke as news came that dear Grape-kun had passed away. 

The love story of Grape-kun lives on, however. Penguins are already adorable, in the fact that they mate for life, cuddle each other, and much more. Grape-kun just made himself even that much more sweet with the simple purity of his misguided love. Weird, maybe. Adorable, definitely. 

No matter if you've been following Grape-kun's journey from the beginning, or if you've just come into it in the end, his story is sure to move many to tears and break a few hearts along the way.