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15 'Rick & Morty' Moments So Violent You Can't Help But Laugh

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Rick & Morty is a quirky, animated sci-fi series created for Cartoon Network's late-night TV block, Adult Swim. Alongside all the science, misadventures, and existentialism revolving around the show's two namesake characters, there is some pretty epic violence. Rick's drunken disregard for human life and Morty's panicky, teenage-decision-making skills often result in bloody shoot-outs and brutal beat-downs. This list features some of the bloodiest, goriest, most jacked-up moments on Rick & Morty.

Fans of the show will already know that Rick & Morty never shies away from violence and sometimes the violence on the show is even incredibly funny. That's in part to the cartoon nature of the show, which always allows for more extreme violence, but also because the show is, well... hilarious. Keep reading to see some of the best incidents of epic violence on Rick & Morty

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    Rick Tells His Ship to "Keep Summer Safe"

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    Rick's ship has very extreme ways of keeping Summer "safe." It cuts up thugs into tiny squares with lasers and brings back a cop's dead son, just to melt the fake child into a sick, pink goop in his hands.

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    Rick Doesn't Respect Bureaucrats

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    Rick makes it clear that he doesn't respect bureaucrats by convincing Morty that they're being chased by robots. Morty makes a clean shot at one of the "robots," who then bleeds to death on the floor. Regardless, Morty continues to shoot off their body parts to save his own skin.

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    The Purging

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    This entire episode is a bloody mess. Rick and Morty land on an alien planet on the same day as their purge, which is basically a free-for-all killing spree. It wraps up that gory note with a very bloody dance in the guts of the planet's rich people. 

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    Exterminating the Parasites

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    An infestation of parasites disguise themselves as friends, lovers, and good memories of the Smiths, but the only way to get rid of a pest is to exterminate it.

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