The Most Violent Video Games of All Time

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Vote up the games that are really, seriously violent.

What are the most violent video games ever made? Video games get a lot of flak for being "too violent," but like it or not, some of the most important and memorable titles in video game history are filled with blood, guts, and machine gun fire. Some games are violent just for shock value, but some are really hellbent on unhinging you. Video games have been shocking people with their violence since the 1970s, back when games were still confined to nickel arcades. Violent racing games, violent shooters, and violent punch-out games like Mortal Kombat have been proliferating ever since. Console and PC gaming have only increased the popularity.

Whether you're a fan of bloody fight-to-the-death battle games, open world crime games like Grand Theft Auto, or still have nostalgia for the DOOM series, vote below on the goriest, most brutal, most cartoonishly violent video games ever.

Photo: Ninja Gaiden / Tecmo