Anime Underground 24 Times Shirtless Scenes in Anime Were Extremely Gratuitous  

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Another one of the trope's many attempts at fanservice, anime shirtless scenes provide viewers with more than just visual stimulation. Many series, regardless of the topic at hand, add in unneeded anime shirtless scene as a means to appeal to new viewers. Anime's charm lies in its visuals, and animators strive to ensure it appeals in more ways than one. As a result, shirtless fan service in anime appears in all manner of series, even if it doesn't necessarily apply to the plot at hand. While you expect aggressively sexual anime to show some skin, you definitely did not foresee shows about the undead to depict the human body as more than just zombie food. 

In the end, shirtless fan service in anime remains as prevalent as nosebleeds and after school clubs. The series below may not revolve around sexual topics, but they most certainly did not forget about it either. Both shirtless women and men show off their boobs and abs with a complete disregard of storyline and self-consciousness. They may not be providing anything to the conflict at hand, but who cares when they all look so good?

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