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Does The Notorious 'Grave Robbing For Morons' VHS Footage Feature Actual Advice From A Ghoul?

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The Grave Robbing For Morons mystery centers around an odd VHS tape that circulated around the bootleg movie scene in the 1990's. The tape features a man, identified only as "Anthony," holding a human skull and giving a detailed account of the best methods for stealing body parts and bones from graves. The man in the tape has yet to be identified and the tape's authenticity remains a mystery. 

The release of the tape resulted in many questions. Is the Grave Robbing for Morons video real? Who made Grave Robbing for Morons? Amateur internet sleuths have debated the origin of the tape developing theories about the possible identify of its creator. While we may never know the true story behind the VHS tape, it's certainly an intriguing topic for debate and speculation. 

  • Despite Wide Circulation, Everyone In The Video Remains Unidentifiable

    Video: YouTube

    Many people have watched the Grave Robbing For Morons footage over the years. Still, none of the men in the tape have been identified. The voices of those off camera remain unknown, as does the precise identity of the man giving instructions on screen. One would think, with the thousands of viewers over the years, someone would have had to recognize something. Perhaps those who know something are staying silent for a reason. 

  • Most Sellers Know Nothing About The Film's Origins

    You can still buy the original VHS online. Sellers on sites like eBay sometimes have copies of the film, which you can purchase if you act fast. However, most sellers do not know any more about the film than anyone else. They usually got their copy second or third hand during the time the video was circulating.

  • Famed Grave Robber Anthony Casamassima Could Be The Culprit

    The man on the tape identifies himself only as “Anthony.” Internet sleuths have made the connection between this Anthony and infamous grave robber Anthony Casamassima. Casamassima was arrested in the late ‘90s for stealing and then selling objects from graves. One Reddit user  points out that 25 minutes and 33 seconds into the video the man begins to say his name is “Anthony Cas-” before abruptly stopping.

    However, there are some legitimate holes in this theory. Casamassima was in his forties at the time of his arrest. While it’s unclear when the video was recorded, if it was shot around the time it was released, the boy in the video is far too young to be Casamassima. Also, Casamassima stole objects and was never known to actually take body parts from graves.

  • The Videos Host Advises Grave Robbers To "Never Leave Witnesses"

    The man in the film discusses dealing with witnesses at one point. His advice is a major indicator the video is a hoax. He advises viewers to knock out any witnesses to make them believe the experience was all a dream.

    First off, it would take a great deal of force to knock someone unconscious. Second, there is no guarantee this would actually cause someone to forget an experience. This maneuver sounds more like something out of a Hollywood film than a real life crime tactic.