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Graveyard Shift Readers Shared Their Paranormal Stories, And We Have Chills

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Who doesn't love a scary paranormal story? We asked our readers to share their scary, real ghost stories, and they didn't disappoint. From spirits sitting at the end of the bed to shadows that send tingles down your spine, Graveyard Shift readers had plenty of scary (but true) stories to share.

Here are some of the creepiest paranormal tales from Graveyard Shift readers.

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    Her Hand Tingled When She Stuck It Inside A Mysterious Shadow

    From Melanie H:

    "Me and my mom were in the music room out of nowhere we hear someone call out to us. It was hard to understand, so my mom calls out, 'What?' They said it again but again we couldn’t understand it. Mom asked me to go see who it was and, well, it turned out we were the only two home. I told her if it happened again I was moving out.

    We already had to deal with a shadow that would make it way down the hall. Once I got brave... and stuck my hand in the shadow. It felt like a tiny amount of electricity and made my hand tingle. It was strange to say the least.

    After I did move out my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She fought for three years. The last year, she called me and said she didn’t know why, but every time she woke up in the middle of the night, the time on the clock would be 3:33. Every time she would notice the time during the day, it would be 3:33. She didn’t understand the significance of 3:33. Well my mom died June 4, 2011, at 3:33 p.m."

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    He Saw A Horrifying Reflection

    From Parker S:

    "Long story short, I was at my dad's house (still a teenager). Dad left to go to a doctors appointment while I was getting ready for school. Go into the bathroom where I have a mirror that goes to the floor. My dog was freaking out, so I let him in the bathroom with me while I was doing my hair in the mirror.

    ...I look down at my dog and he is sitting down, ears pinned back, but his reflection was standing, panting, and wagging his tail. I look to my reflection and I stare in horror as my reflection is smiling back at me and my gums grow over my teeth so all u can see is gums and braces. And then my eyes sunk into black holes and I ran out of the house. I was never bothered again."

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    A Mysterious Presence Pulled Him Down A Ravine

    From Derick S:

    "As a kid I was rollerblading on the street next to a very deep drop off/ravine. Something grabbed me that I couldn't see and pulled me down the ravine. As I struggled to climb up, something invisible kept pulling on my feet. After about two hours of kicking, screaming, and climbing, I finally made it back up. I NEVER went by that ravine again."

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    A Spirit Blocked Their Door With The Dining Room Table

    From Alicia M:

    "So when I was first married the hubby and I rented an old house. I’m talking old enough that the bathroom was added in later.

    So one day we are both in our bedroom getting ready for date night. On the other side of our bedroom wall was the dining room, where a large solid wood dining table sat pretty close to the wall.

    We heard nothing strange, but when we left the room the dining table was sitting in front of the hallway entrance. We should definitely have heard it being pushed across the wood floor, but hadn’t heard a thing.

    We moved the table back (it made lots of noise), and we checked all doors and windows, everything was locked up tight. We were the only two people in the house.

    We both also heard strange sounds in that place, and experienced our kid’s toys rolling and making noise on their own on occasion."