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Graveyard Shift Readers Share The Creepiest Things That Have Ever Happened To Them

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At Graveyard Shift, creepy stories are our bread and butter, and creepy true stories are even better. That's why we asked our readers to send us their creepiest real-life experiences, and they delivered. These are some of the creepiest stories from Graveyard Shift readers.

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    A Would-Be Intruder Stared At Her Through Her Window

    From Jennifer F:

    I was home alone. Woke up feeling like someone was watching me. Looked at my dresser mirror and there was a guy looking through my window. I froze but crawled off my bed and to the kitchen to get the cordless phone, and my brother never put it on the charger, so it was dead. I looked out of the kitchen window and [the guy] was there. I pretended to be on the phone with the police to see if that scared him off. Nope, he looked angry.

    I sat in the hallway forever listening to this guy try and break in. My dad came home and there [were] footprints from the road to my window going to the back of the house. There was damage to the doors and windows. This was in '02.

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    Robbers Stole Her Stereo While She Hid In The Closet

    From Sam F:

    I was in junior high, and had just walked my sister across the street to catch the bus. I went back inside to get myself ready for school, when suddenly my wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly cat started acting strange. He growled at the back patio door. I heard someone messing with the doorknob, and ran into my bedroom closet to hide.

    Two people broke into the house and spent time robbing it. I hid under clothes in the closet. They stole the stereo from my room and tried to open the closet door, but the doorknob stuck and they couldn’t open it. Spent nearly two hours there, on my own, scared sh*tless. They finally left. I didn’t go to school that day.

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    They Heard A Child Giggle And Found A Single Footprint

    From Trevor P:

    In my home, my brother and I used to stay in our basement. My brother was at home, late at night, probably around 3 to 4 am, and it was lightly drizzling outside. My brother heard a little girl giggling outside the window. The laugh sounded normal, but what was unusual was the time of night/morning. He heard the laugh for about 15 to 20 seconds and then it went silent. He was creeped out, but managed to go to sleep after trying to listen for another hour longer; nothing.

    Later the same day... Our mum called us; we were watching TV in the living room. We all go out to the back deck and see a single footprint, with the footprint pointing to her room. We all checked our foot size to the print found on our deck. The footprint was a lot smaller than everybody else’s. A child’s footprint. It was like the foot that made the print was dipped in oil because it wouldn’t come off the paint on the deck easily. The print faded away after a few days.

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    He Saw A Shadow Figure Perched On The Ceiling Of His Room

    From Angelo G:

    Woke up (but didn't open my eyes) in the middle of the night, and felt like someone was watching me. I tried to just go back to sleep, but I couldn't shake the feeling. I opened my eyes, and saw a shadow man perched on the ceiling in my room (Spider-Man style) just above the door.

    I didn't know what to do, and I could tell he was staring at me. I started praying as feverishly as I ever have, and all of a sudden my cellphone lit up the room. There was no reason for the light to come on, no missed text, or notification; it just lit up to the home screen.

    When the light appeared, the shadow man was gone, and it has not come back since.