Graveyard Shift Readers Share Their Unexplainable "Guardian Angel" Stories

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Encounters with the unknown and unexplainable are often eerie and throw us off balance - but they aren't always bad. In fact, some of us may have even felt, at one point or another, that forces from beyond - be it ghosts, spirits, or something else - have actually been watching over us. Some people even call these gut feelings of friendlier, helpful forces guardian angels.

All of these Graveyard Shift readers have had these kinds of encounters, where something they can't explain has helped them out, made them feel not so alone, or even saved their lives. Vote up the strangest one of these tales, and maybe recall a few of your own!

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    Supernatural Siren

    Posted by Jessica Surber:

    When I was a teen, I was driving home on a curvy back road. Coming upon a big blind curve, I suddenly heard ambulance sirens SUPER loud. Like, loud enough to be right in front of me. I slammed my brakes, expecting an ambulance to come hurdling around this blind curve... But it didn't.

    What DID come around that curve was a giant freaking truck, going well over the speed limit, fully on my side of the road. If I hadn't slammed my brakes, I would have hit it head-on.

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    Ghosts Get Physical

    Posted by Jessica Miller:

    I had a weird experience. I went to pull out on to the main road and floored it. Suddenly, my leg was yanked off the gas and slammed on the brake. In front of me was a Jeep I hadn't seen on the clear road. I stopped short of hitting him. My joints in my leg were sore, and I had a massive bruise on my leg that looked like a hand print.

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    Oh Deer

    Posted by JoAnn Reed:

    I was on my way to work one night, and the word "deer" popped into my head. They run rampant where I live so it's not uncommon to see them in the road or dead on the side of the road, but this time I felt compelled to call my dad. I told him to be careful taking the parkway home because I had a feeling about something, and I mentioned what happened.

    I got to work and realized my dad had called me back, so I called him.

    On his way home, he rolled his window down to smoke a cigarette when he remembered what I said, and decided to drive a little slower and rolled the window back up. About that time, a buck came over the bank and slammed into the side of his truck, then bounced off and continued on.

    If his window had been down like it had been moments before, the horns would've gone through the open window and likely gored him.

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    Frozen In Place

    Posted by Penioterangi Strother:

    My mum had a similar experience with me as a baby in the car. She had the green light to go straight through an intersection. She was at the front of the queue, but said she had this overwhelming feeling that she needed to stay where she was for just a couple seconds more. People behind her were honking at her, but she waited there. Suddenly, from her right, a car ran the red light and came speeding through at breakneck speed. It definitely would've hit my mum or someone behind her had she gone when the light was green. Mum always said that someone must've been looking out for her that day

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    Grandpa Pays A Visit

    Posted by Sherrita Brown:

    My daddy [passed] a few years before my nephew was born. When he was about three, I picked him up from daycare. He started talking, and I asked him, "Who are you talking to?" He said, "Papa." I was like, "Where is he?" and he said, "[He's] right here," and he pointed to the seat next to him.

    My sister and my daddy weren't talking to each other when he passed, and she had no pictures of him around the house, so my nephew wouldn't have known what he looked like. So when I got home and fixed him dinner, I looked through my phone, and found a picture of my daddy, a picture of my grandaddy, and, to make sure, I had someone that was not related to us, a picture of my best friend's dad that passed as well

    I showed him and I asked him, "Which one is Papa?" He pointed to my daddy.

    Later that night after I got him settled and asleep, I cried my eyes out.

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    The Doctor Is In

    Posted by LeeAnne Gould:

    My father was a paramedic, that we lost to PTSD.

    Years after he passed, a neighbor and her four-year-old daughter were over at our house in our sunroom, my dad’s favorite room of the house. They had never met my father. The little girl started playing a bit oddly, and her mom asked what she was doing.

    She said, "I’m playing doctor with Uncle Wayne. He’s almost a doctor, you know."

    That’s how my dad would explain what he was to little kids. My mom sold the house soon after.

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