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‘Gravity Falls’ Fan Theories That Make Us Wish The Show Never Ended

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Even when the show was still releasing episodes, there were countless Gravity Falls fan theories, some of which even turned out to be true. For a kids' show, it has a lot of deep messages and dark moments, making it a great story for adults, as well. If you pay close attention to the episodes, there are little hints and Easter eggs scattered around that the average person might not notice. These little details are what inspired many popular fan theories.

While Gravity Falls is over, there are still plenty of theories about the extended universe. A lot of fans believe that there's more to the story. Some of the theories might sound a bit out there, but some of them actually make a lot of sense. The fan theories give us an idea of what future Dipper and Mabel turn out like, and keep the story alive even after it's ended. 

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    Dipper Changes His Fate By Befriending Pacifica

    Tumblr user darkpoisonouslove points out that the shapeshifter shows Dipper the last form he will ever take. Coincidentally, it's the same form he takes when he turns to wood in "Northwest Mansion Mystery." This makes it seem like Dipper is supposed to perish in this form, but he has found a way to change his fate. They believe this "was how [Dipper's] life was supposed to end. But it didn't. Because he was willing to look beneath the surface and made an effort to understand Pacifica."

    Dipper and Pacifica don't get along in the beginning, but as they get to know each other in this episode, they understand each other better. By being nice to Pacifica, Dipper changes what will happen in the end, causing Pacifica to open the gate and save his life.

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    Gideon Uses The Amulet To Mess With His Mother’s Mind

    Mrs. Gleeful doesn't appear in the show too often, but whenever she does, she seems traumatized. Redditor /u/Joe_Kerr_99 suggests that this could be a result of Gideon's power. They propose, "After Gideon found Journal 2 and found the Magic Amulet, Gideon's mother found out about it and Gideon used the Amulet to mess with her mind."

    This would explain her constant terrified expression. At one point in the show, she even says, "Just keep vacuuming," as if to show that she is actually scarred by something that happened between her and her son, and is conditioned to obey him.

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    Bill Accidentally Saves The Future Rather Than Ruining It

    At the end of the show, Bill ends Time Baby and all of the time travelers. This might seem like a bad thing, but Redditor /u/ForeignCod poses an interesting theory. In the episode "The Time Traveler's Pig," Dipper and Mabel accidentally end up in the future, where Time Baby is destroying the world. Therefore, by taking Time Baby out of the equation, it's possible that Bill has stopped the real end of the world without realizing it.

    The Redditor writes, "In Weirdmaggedon, Bill [ends] Time Baby. Whether intentional or not, Bill saves the future. I'm thinking it might've been intentional."

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    Stan Can Create False Memories In His Mind

    Whenever Stan types in the code on the vending machine, he always presses five buttons. In "Dreamscapers," however, he inputs a code that's different than usual. While this could be a continuity error, Tumblr user anistarrose points out that it could also be a way of tricking Bill. They suggest, "Stan is able to create false, illusory memories and scatter them through his mind like red herrings, especially with regards to memories about codes and passwords."

    After all, Stan knows that you can do anything you can imagine in your mind - so what if he is able to alter his memories? This user even points out that he uses his mind to deceive Bill in the finale - so who knows what else he's capable of?

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