People From All Over The World Visit This Haunted Hill Where Ghost Children Push Your Car

Just outside of Los Angeles, you'll find a haunted hill where ghost children push your car out of the way of unseen danger. Thanks to their tiny hands, vehicles that visit Gravity Hill in Altadena, CA, are pushed to the top without having to step on the gas. Many people have experienced this haunted hillside, and have been left amazed by the creepy phenomenon. What's going on at Gravity Hill?

The Gravity Hill urban legend is one of many creepy legends from California, and reports vary on just how it came to be so bizarre. Some suggest the Gravity Hill myth began after a school bus crashed, killing all its passengers, while others believe it was a distracted driver who killed a group of children. Whatever the true tale may be, the events that take place on Gravity Hill are both unsettling and unbelievable. Is there a scientific explanation, or is the site purely paranormal? Even if you don't believe in ghosts, the story of the haunted hill will make you wonder.