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Which Character From 'Grease' Would You Be, According To Your Zodiac?

Updated November 21, 2019 9.6k views12 items

Do you find yourself hopelessly devoted to astrology but wish the signs were given a "Greased Lightning" makeover? Then you may be in luck, thanks to these Grease characters as zodiac signs.

Decades after its cinematic release, Grease is still considered one of the best movie musicals of all time. Despite dark stories behind the scenes of Grease, there's a lot to love, like the all-too-catchy songs or seeing what life was like in the '50s (from the perspective of the '70s). But perhaps best of all are the characters from Grease. We all know (or are) a Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, or Teen Angel. As it turns out, a Grease character goes together with each of the signs of the zodiac like rama-lama-lama-ka-dinga-da dinga-dong.

  • Leos believe they belong in one place and one place only: the spotlight. They're stars, and they know it.

    This means Leo must be the sign of TV host Vince Fontaine, who readily soaks in all the adulation from Rydell students while hosting the school dance. He isn't even above flirting with student Marty in his spare time. Vince Fontaine also exhibits some of Leo's less desirable traits, like a certain amount of possessiveness around the young Marty and with his unmatched arrogance. 

  • Patty Simcox is despised by the Pink Ladies and T-Birds because she is their complete opposite. Organized, motivated, and full of school spirit, she does things like facilitate the school dance, all while having the same super-positive personality.

    In other words, she's the epitome of the perfectionist Virgo. Like this Earth sign, Patty can also come off as a bit judgemental, especially when Sandy chooses the Pink Ladies over what she deems proper school spirit. 

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    Scorpios take it to the extreme when it comes to their personality. They're the most charismatic sign, and they also the most secretive. This certainly describes Danny Zuko, who has the charm to lead the T-Birds but is secretive about his true feelings for Sandy.

    On the other hand, Scorpios are also resourceful leaders, which Danny displays when building (and later racing) Greased Lightning.

  • Libra's strongest trait is their sense of fairness and balance, as they are able to measure pros and cons to figure out what the proper outcome should be. At the same time, Libras are also full of charm and sincerity – which means if they have something to say, you'll want to listen.

    This all also describes Frenchy's Teen Angel, who has the common sense to realize she should go back to high school. Despite the tough message, Teen Angel uses his charismatic ways to deliver the blow in a way that makes her swoon.