Great Actresses Who Make Bad Movies Now

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It's tough to be consistently great as an actress. Sometimes, you've just got to get paid. While some Hollywood actresses have a stinker of a movie role hidden among a distinguished body of work, others have really gone downhill in the last few years. Once great actresses who now make bad movies range from female action stars, romantic leads, and people considered among the best actresses of all time - but they've all earned a place on this list with a string of seriously bad films, tarnishing their sparkling reputations for cinematic excellence.

The stars on this list are all actresses who stopped making good movies and haven't managed to really recover. One failure leads to another, and before long, a one-time big draw at the box office has become an afterthought, a performer who is either resigned to delivering dreck to her fans, or an aging thespian who has all but given up. Women in Hollywood also deal with being pushed out of great roles as they age (or turn 40), something male actors don't have quite as hard a time with. This means many once great actresses take the work they can get, often in sub-par roles that don't showcase their skills.

It can be hard to see what's happened with some of these great actresses who went downhill, but with some it's quite easy to pinpoint a specific film that marks the point at which their career soured. Vote up the actresses you think have really taken a turn for the worse, and vote down those who you think are still turning in great performances.