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Great Bands That Really Jumped the Shark with That One Album

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If you think about it, the most prolific bands have the highest chance of putting out at least one album that's total sh*t - but one bad album does not a bad band make. In fact, plenty of bad albums by great bands exist. Sometimes the artists bounce back (David Bowie took six years off after Never Let Me Down flopped to work on a comeback album), and sometimes they can't recover (RIP classic Weezer). We rounded up the 13 worst albums by good bands to prove that even the best in the biz have low moments. Do you agree?
  • Weezer: Make Believe (2005)
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    2005's Make Believe brought the world the song we all hate to love and love to hate: "Beverly Hills." Frontman Rivers Cuomo's attempt to poke fun at the world of celebrity missed the mark and made Weezer - a genre-bending rock band with a cult following - part of the pop culture problem. Make Believe gave Weezer their first Top 10 song, but also alienated longtime fans. In short, it was their sellout album. 
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    • Bob Dylan: Self Portrait (1970)
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      What happens when Bob Dylan, one of the world's most respected poets and musicians, releases an album made up of mostly... cover songs? Backlash. That's how it went down when Dylan put out Self Portrait in 1970. The collection was so un-Dylan that even Rolling Stone asked, "What is this s—t?" 

      Turns out, that's kind of what Dylan wanted. He was tired of being the radical voice of a generation and essentially wanted to disappoint fans. Dylan said in an interview, "They'll listen, and they'll say, 'Well, let's get on to the next person. He ain't sayin' it no more. He ain't given' us what we want,' you know? They'll go on to somebody else. But the whole idea backfired."
      • Age: 74
      • Birthplace: Duluth, Minnesota, USA
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    • John Mayer: Battle Studies (2009)
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      Love him or hate him, you have to admit that John Mayer is a skilled guitarist with serious songwriting chops. HIs first three studio albums were bona fide hits - especially 2006's Continuum, which critics agreed was his best work. Mayer's next album had some giant shoes to fill, and 2009's Battle Studies didn't get the job done. The collection of over-thought, contrived, and formulaic pop songs was "laden with laughable romantic-schlock lyrics and trite, sappy melodies" according to the Chicago Sun-Times. We agree. 
      • Age: 38
      • Birthplace: Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
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    • Aerosmith: Rock In A Hard Place (1982)
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      The rockers of Aerosmith were almost as well known for their separate personalities as they were for the music they made - we bet you can name check at least the two lead members, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Their chemistry, along with band members Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, and Brad Whitford, was the glue that held the sound together, and Aerosmith's first album without guitarist Joe Perry, Rock In A Hard Place, just wasn't the same. It was a certified flop, and Hamilton later said"We were out of touch with our audience and we didn't know that they were sitting there going: 'Don't even try. Don't even give us a record without Joe on it 'cause we're not interested.'"
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