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16 Great Chase Movies Where Lovable Outlaws Are On The Run From Justice

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There are all kinds of road movies, but some of the most entertaining are the ones where outlaws go on the run. The potential is there not only for action, but also for comedy and romance. When you get the right stars and a screenplay that fully develops whatever it is that causes the main characters to flee, the results can be unforgettable.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these movies is that they get us to root for people who are technically fugitives from justice. Having the protagonist be wrongfully accused of a crime or forced to do something illegal for a benevolent purpose is one way of achieving this. On the other hand, you have films like Bonnie and Clyde, where the characters are not only bank robbers but also killers. In cases like that, it's up to the writing and acting to show us something deeper, to find the humanity beneath the criminal aspects. Regardless of which way filmmakers choose to go, taking a ride with antiheroes is a unique kind of cinematic thrill.

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