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16 Great Comic Books For Seasoned Comic Book Readers

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If there’s one thing comic book fans love to do, it’s read comics. That much should be obvious, shouldn’t it? But if there’s two things comic book fans love to do, it’s read comics and recommend them to other people. Whether these recommendations are passed on to fellow nerds or to the innocent and uninitiated, most comic people absolutely love their fandom, and want to share that love with as many others as possible. However, sometimes those in the four-color community forget just how dense and intimidating comic books can appear to an outsider. There are certain books that really should be treated as intermediate comics, best left alone until they can be fully appreciated.

Some comic books are simply written for comic book fans. They’re written by fans, and they make use of the decades of backstory and tropes that only veteran readers can appreciate. Sometimes, a writer will use all of that continuity to weave an amazing tale that makes the most of the pre-established history. While this can be exciting, it’s important to remember that without knowing all the relevant details, things might not make a whole lot of sense. You should wait, then, to get up to speed on your knowledge before you read these comics only fans of comic books can appreciate.