Songs That Make For Unbelievably Awesome Drinking Games 

Jacob Shelton
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The drinking game is one of the greatest ways to pass the time with your friends on a slow Friday night. There are a ton of drinking games for movies, but if you want to get crunk, you've got to pull up the best songs to go with your drinking.

Each of the following songs for drinking games will absolutely get you plastered, so please play in moderation. And a few of these drinking games are for experts only, so if you’re a lightweight, you should should stick to the less intense tracks on this list of music drinking games - we don’t want you to get alcohol poisoning. 

Before you start up one of these drinking games, here are some tips to make sure you have the best time possible: drink plenty of water - there’s no rule against staying hydrated. Choose one type of alcohol and stick to it. If you start switching things up in the middle of "Black Betty," you’re going to regret it. Take breaks; there’s a pause button for a reason.

Now that you’re significantly informed and you’ve got your drink of choice, press play and start drinking. 

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Drink Every Time: 
- EXPERT LEVEL: Whenever the word "thunder" is said, you have to chug your drink until the next time it's repeated
- Whenever "girls" or "ladies" are brought up
- If someone in your group starts air-guitaring, everyone takes a drink


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Drink Every Time:
- Ladies, drink whenever Sting sings "Roxanne"
- Fellas, drink whenever Stings sings "Red Light"
- When anyone feels weird about Sting's faux-Jamaican patois

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Take On Me

Drink Every Time: 
- A-Ha sings the phrase "take on me"
- The singer hits that super-high note
- Your friends try to hit that super-high note


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Drink Every Time:
- The singer says "Black Betty" 
- There's a drum solo
- There's a key change


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Drink Every Time: 
- Andre 3000 sings "Hey Ya"
- The music stops
- Ladies, drink when Andre 3000 says "now ladies"
- Fellas, drink when Andre 3000 says "now fellas"
- The word "alright" is sung
- The phrase "shake it" comes up


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Drink Every Time: 
- Ladies, drink every time Beyonce sings "single ladies" 
- Fellas, whenever Bey says that you "should have put a ring on it," then it's your turn
- Everyone drinks when you're told to put your hands up

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Drink Every Time:
- The word "jammin'" or a derivative of such is sung
- Bob is curious about your thoughts on jammin'
- Bob suggests that he'd like to specifically jam with you

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Drink Every Time: 
- You hear the phrase "one more time"
- The words "celebrate" or "music" are sung
- Guys, drink when you hear "oh yeah"
- Ladies, drink when you hear "alright"


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Drink Every Time: 
- The Baha Men ask who let the dogs out
- Someone barks or howls
- Whenever one of your friends is like, "But who really did let the dogs out?"

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Drink Every Time:
- Michael sings "Billie Jean"
- Michael sings "he he he"
- There's a "whoo" or other guttural noise
- You think that kid might be his son


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Drink Every Time: 
- Someone says "greased lightin'" 
- You can't tell if someone's describing a car or a woman's body
- There's a handclap solo


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I Like It

Drink Every Time: 
- Cardi B says "diamonds"
- A singer with a new accent drops a verse
- Cardi B says her own name


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Boys Are Back In Town

Drink Every Time: 
- The boys are back in town 
- The word "chick" is sang
- "Johnny's Place" or "Dino's Bar & Grill" gets a shout-out
- You're asked to "guess who's back in town" (hint: it's the boys)


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I Really Like You

Drink Every Time: 
- Carly says "really"
- Carly asks if you like her the way she likes you
- Carly thinks things are moving too quickly
- Carly is unsure about how she's gotten into a specific position


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Walk It Talk It (Featuring Drake)

Drink Every Time:
- Someone says "walk" or "talk"
- Someone says "hey" or "whoo"
- There's a description of jewelry


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In My Feelings

Drink Every Time: 
- Drake sings a different woman's name
- Drake sings that he's "down for you always" 
- A different brand is mentioned (Henny, Netflix, Benny)


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Drink Every Time: 
- Pull up the video on YouTube and everyone chooses the name of a singer - whenever your singer takes a solo, then drink
- Someone sings "world" or "children"
- The word "choice" is sung

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Drink Every Time: 
- Anyone says "humps"
- The words "trunk" or "junk" are sung
- Fergie sings "drama"


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Drink Every Time:
- Someone sings the word "bye"
- Fellas, drink when someone sings "lie"
- Ladies, drink when someone sings "fool"


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Best Of You

Drink Every Time:
- Dave Grohl has a confession to make
- Dave Grohl says the word "best"
- You have to turn the volume down because the song gets super-loud out of nowhere 


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Drink Every Time: 
- The word "girlfriend" is sung
- Robyn gives breakup instructions (this is technically the entire song, so pace yourself)
- Robyn low-key brags about how she's better than your girlfriend


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Drink Every Time: 
- Nicki mentions a different brand
- A fictional character or group is mentioned (Lara Croft, X-Men, Storm, etc.)
- There's a basketball reference


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Drink Every Time: 
- The word "whip" is sung
- When you're instructed as to how to whip something
- The word "shape" is sung


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Drink Every Time: 
- The phrase "closing time" is sung
- The listener is instructed as to how to leave an establishment
- That one friend is like, "You know this song is about childbirth right?"


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Good Vibrations

Drink Every Time:
- You hear the phrase "good vibrations"
- There's a dynamic shift
- That one friend says, "You know that's not actually a theremin"