Songs That Make For Unbelievably Awesome Drinking Games

The drinking game is one of the greatest ways to pass the time with your friends on a slow Friday night. There are a ton of drinking games for movies, but if you want to get crunk, you've got to pull up the best songs to go with your drinking.

Each of the following songs for drinking games will absolutely get you plastered, so please play in moderation. And a few of these drinking games are for experts only, so if you’re a lightweight, you should should stick to the less intense tracks on this list of music drinking games - we don’t want you to get alcohol poisoning. 

Before you start up one of these drinking games, here are some tips to make sure you have the best time possible: drink plenty of water - there’s no rule against staying hydrated. Choose one type of alcohol and stick to it. If you start switching things up in the middle of "Black Betty," you’re going to regret it. Take breaks; there’s a pause button for a reason.

Now that you’re significantly informed and you’ve got your drink of choice, press play and start drinking.