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The Worst Movies In Great Franchises

9 Mar 2020 34.8k votes 4.9k voters 147.7k views15 items

List RulesVote up the movies that were bad enough to put the stink on an entire franchise.

A great movie and, in turn, a great franchise, can change the world. Fans praise the protagonist, quote the dialogue, hum the theme song, and keep coming back for more. Subsequent fanbases are massive and studios capitalize with a plethora of spin-offs - comic books, novels, TV shows, and games. We all know the type: Star Wars, Batman, Die Hard, Indiana Jones, etc.

Franchises will always vary in quality from one installment to the next. It’s unavoidable. Sometimes the iron is only hot once - there are successful franchises with only one great installment. Some, by contrast, have only one bad installment. Regardless, every franchise has a weak link. Today, we're calling out the worst entries in some of moviedom's most renowned franchises. You’re not obligated to agree, so vote away!

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