People Reveal Loopholes They Discovered And Exploited The Hell Out Of

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A smart person discovers a loophole, then puts it to good use. In addition to finding free stuff online, thrifty shoppers can use forgery, expired coupons, and borrowed employee discounts to knock a few bucks off of their purchases. It's a skill, really, though some overly moral folk might frown upon such practices of harmless deceit. Is it really a crime if you use a few Walmart hacks to secure the best deal possible? Who suffers when you capitalize on some Sephora secrets to get cheaper makeup?

If you believe that the answers to both questions are, "No" and "No one," then you'll love learning from some especially thrifty Redditors. They got together and shared experiences about exploiting various loopholes; it's hard to even fathom how ingenious they are. Some penny-pinching Redditors scammed free airport meals for months, while some even got free pizza by cleverly duping the system.

Truly, these frugal fellows are inspirations to us all. Vote up the cleverest hacks that just deserve the credit and secretly appease that inner scammer you've got inside you.

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    Buy One Pack Of Tea, Get 12 Free

    Redditor mousicle:  

    "For some weird reason Nestea had a coupon on their 12-pack of ice tea for a free 12-pack. Not buy one get one free, just a free case. So I bought a case took it home cut the coupon off and went and got another case. Did that about 12 times before I felt dirty and stopped. So 12 cases for the price of one. I heard stories of people doing that hundreds of times."

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    Reschedule Your Appointment, Then Cancel It To Avoid Fees

    Redditor Koosman123:

    "The guy tried to cancel a doctor's appointment but there was a fee for canceling within like 2 weeks or something. But there was no fee to reschedule. So he rescheduled for > 2 weeks, then immediately canceled, haha."

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    Hack An Arcade Game And Give All Your Tickets To A Deserving Child

    Redditor HuntersLoveABigRack:  

    "There was a game at Dave & Buster's (restaurant/bar with an arcade that was fun for kids and adults) where you dropped a little token into a slot and it rolled down a spout and landed on 'Wheel of Fortune' type wheel (horizontal wheel with different prize values assigned to different segments of the wheel- maybe it actually was called Wheel of Fortune?). The jackpot segment of the wheel was worth the most points. The other segments paid out the value displayed (30 tickets, 50 tickets, 75 tickets, etc.).

    At the time, the jackpot segment was listed as 1,000 tickets. After a few test runs, it was easy to get the timing of the rotating wheel just right- knowing when to drop the token so it would roll down and land on the jackpot segment. My friend and I won jackpot after jackpot. Tens of thousands of tickets (the points went on to a card, so there weren't any actual tickets). The next time we went to that D&B, the jackpot had been reduced to 300 tickets. It was an easy way to rack up tickets, so I imagine D&B was less than thrilled with our plan. Jerks.

    The best part is that we had no interest in cashing in the tickets to win prizes. We just enjoyed drinking beer and playing games (and getting personal wins). At the end of it, we found a kid celebrating his birthday and gave him the card. He was super excited. 10/10. Would do again."

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    Get A Student ID And Use It For Unlimited Discounts

    Redditor FreeTekno:  

    "My student ID card had no date on it. During my last year of university I went in and told them I lost mine and needed a replacement for exams. They gave me a new one with a recent picture which I still use now to take advantage of student discounts. I finished university years ago."

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    Get Free Pizza By Placing Fraudulent Orders

    Redditor ShrekNTheOnions

    "Papa John's had a glitch that if you place any order on their website you get ten papa points.

    This was July [to] September last year, 2017.

    You could place an order for a free packet of cheese for pickup, and you would get the points. I placed about 50 orders red pepper packets at .25c a piece and a pizza, came to about 20 bucks.

    I got ten points for every order, I still have about 30 free pizzas."

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    Cancel Your Adobe Subscription Free Of Charge

    Redditor vyndaloo:

    "You can't just cancel your yearly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. They charge you a cancellation fee, which makes around 50% of the remaining payments. However, you can change your subscription to a new one, which you can then cancel absolutely for free within 30 days. Eat it, Adobe."

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