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The MLB has a 162-game season, that gives teams a lot of time to go from bad to worse. Or from good to great. Unfortunately, performing well during the regular season doesn’t necessarily ensure that a team will win a division series, a league championship, or a World Series. In fact, the best regular season record ever posted proved irrelevant, as the team who pulled it off was quickly ousted from the playoffs. But hey, that's baseball. These are the best MLB seasons by teams who didn’t win the World Series. 

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The 2001 Seattle Mariners

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This Mariners team tied the record for single-season wins set by the Cubs, with a 116-46 record. This Lou Piniella managed team also had Ichiro Suzuki in his rookie season. They beat the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS, before falling to the New York Yankees in the ALCS. As of 2015, the Mariners haven’t returned to the playoffs since.
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The 1906 Chicago Cubs

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With A 116-36 record, this Cubs team had the highest winning percentage in modern MLB history at .763. This dominant Cubs club finished the season 20 games ahead of the next closest team (The New York Giants), and while they’ll go down in history as “one of the greatest teams ever,” the statement still has to end with “that didn’t win a World Series.”
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The 1994 Montreal Expos

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The Expos are an anomaly on this list. They were a league leading 74-40, with a roster that included Larry Walker, Moises Alou, and Pedro Martinez. Standing atop Major League Baseball, the Expos never actually found out if they could win it all because a strike ended the season early.
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The 1998 Atlanta Braves

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These Braves went 106-56, winning the National League East by a whopping 18 games. They boasted one of, if not the best pitching staff ever, which featured Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz among others. After sweeping the Chicago Cubs in the NLDS, this Braves team was stunned by the San Diego Padres in the NLCS, 4-2.
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