10 Facts Most Don't Know About The Great Potoo, "The Cartoon Bird"

Yes, the great potoo is an actual, genuine creature in the real world. No, the Universe isn't playing a joke. These wide-eyed, gape-mouthed clowns with one of the funniest bird names around are the things amazing memes are made from—and they've taken the Internet by storm. Once you get a few facts about these birds under your belt, you'll realize that these hilarious birds not only look awesome, they are awesome. Well, awesome and kinda weird.

Despite the goofy looks, the funny-looking great potoo bird is a creature that is actually kind of creepy. Between their ominous, heartbreaking cries, and the fact that they eat other birds, potoos are a force to be reckoned with. These nocturnal creatures love to hang out on their perches and stealthily hunt their prey. They are the strangest birds in the rainforest—not just because of their look, but because of their strange behaviors. Read on to discover more about the amazing great potoo!