Weird History

Historical Pranks That Will Actually Impress You

Sure, fake pizza orders and putting saran wrap on a toilet are funny, but if you really want to prank someone, you have to think big. And in these cases, really big. Some of the following pranks and hoaxes not only fooled people for decades, but changed the course of history, nearly started riots or international incidents, and made indelible impacts on pop culture. These are truly the greatest pranks in history, tricking thousands of people and making headlines.

Taking people by storm, these pre-Internet era pranks were genius, and historical in scope. From the left-handed whopper to Richard Nixon's infamous 1992 Presidential run, there's nothing like good pranks to keep fast-food lovers and the electorate on their toes. If you're looking for the best pranks ever, you could certainly take a page out of Caltech's playbook, or even respected publications like The Guardian.

These are the greatest pranks and hoaxes in history, from fake military operations to ersatz versions of famous bands to artists and writers who never existed. If you're going to pull something on April Fools; Day, or any day really, make sure your funny prank ideas are up to snuff with these historical pranks.