The Space Page Incredible Spots In The Solar System We're Dying To Visit  

Rebecca High

You may have dreamed of visiting the Moon, and it's true - even if you don't relish the idea of a 250,000-mile-trip in zero gravity, the exotic desolation of the Moon is alluring. But, as this video shows, there are plenty of places in the solar system that make for better vacation destinations.

If Star Wars taught us anything, it's that the universe beyond Earth (and our own solar system, in fact) can be lush and beautiful and exotic.

Wouldn't you love to swap having seagulls swipe your Sun Chips on Miami Beach for a peaceful picnic on the rim of Olympus Mons on Mars? Or trade that ticket to Tahoe for a close-up viewing of erupting volcanoes on Io, a moon of Jupiter?

But you have to watch this video to see what most potential galaxy-questers consider the top three solar destinations. Which one are you adding to your next trip itinerary?