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Great Villains In Not-So-Great Movies

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Even disappointing and mediocre movies have notable qualities, and it is the villain that impresses in these not-so-great films. Despite shortcomings in the movie surrounding them, the bad guy is undeniably great. This may be due to the strong writing or a memorable performance from the cast member making the villain effective - however unmatched by the remaining elements of the movie.

Occasionally, the strength of the screen villain is even enough to elevate the rest of the movie from being a complete waste. The writing may be sub-par, the protagonist may be forgettable, and there could even be an assortment of technical shortcomings, but a great villain can still leave a lasting impression on the audience. Some films have bland or underdeveloped bad guys who are little more than a device to move the plot forward, but these film antagonists are completely fleshed out and fully utilized. 

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