The Best Alternative Songs Of The '80s, Ranked

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Here are the greatest '80s alternative songs, ranked by fans everywhere. The 1980s were a great time for alternative rock. During this decade, alternative rock was still predominantly an underground movement. Many artists found success finding fans through college radio and independent fanzines. Bands quickly realized they did not need major label representation to have an impact, and this resulted in some of the best rock music of all time. This list contains the most popular alternative songs of the '80s, as voted on by rock music lovers from around the world. 

The beginning of the '80s saw the dominance of such acts as Duran Duran and Black Flag. Toward the tail end of the era, a new type of band began to emerge. Bands like Nirvana and R.E.M. were just finding their voice. While these type of artists truly rose to fame in the '90s, it was only due to alternative artists of the '80s that they even had a chance of finding success. 

If you have ever wanted to find all of the best '80s alternative songs in one place, then this '80s throwback playlist makes for the perfect resource. Use all of your hair spray and put on as many bracelets as you can find because you are about to vote for the top alternative songs of the '80s.  

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