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The Best Dance Songs Of The '80s, Ranked

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Here is a great '80s dance music playlist, ranked by fans everywhere. From the club to the wedding reception, people in the 1980s sure did know how to boogie. While everyone would be dancing dirty, there would always be one life of the party who would clear the dance floor to do the worm. There were some great songs to dance the night away to. These are the best '80s dance songs, as voted on by dance enthusiasts of all ages. 

Michael Jackson introduced the moonwalk to the world, and dance parties were never the same. Guaranteed at least one person at every party in the '80s would try to glide backward whenever "Billie Jean" would come on. And then there was the cabbage patch, otherwise known as churning butter. It was a fun way to celebrate any momentous occasion while simultaneously letting everyone know you were down with the Gucci Crew II. 

This list of popular '80s dance songs is great if you plan on hosting an '80s-themed party in the near future. Everyone can show up with permed hair and oversized blazers and get down with some of the biggest hit songs of the decade. Vote for the songs that always get your bootie onto the dance floor whenever they start playing.