The Best Love Songs Of The '90s, Ranked

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Here are the greatest '90s love songs, ranked by fans everywhere. Ever since people began to fall in love, there have been songs to express those emotions. The '90s certainly had no shortage of songs you would want to turn up smoothly while things were getting hot and heavy. From first dates to first dances, these songs have created memories and allowed couples to show how much they care. The most popular '90s love songs haven't gotten out-of-date either. You could start playing any song on this list to your beloved and wait for them to swoon. 

From pop stars to heavy metal bands showing off their sensitive sides, you will find an eclectic assortment of artists on this list. Each song has its own unique influences, but the one thing they all share is that they were all written from the heart. 

This list of classic '90s love songs should provide some inspiration for when you need to turn on some tunes during your next date night. Who needs to Netflix and chill when you can turn on one of these smooth jams? Lovers from all over the world are encouraged to vote for the love songs they like best. What do you play after you light some candles to set the mood?

Most divisive: This I Promise You
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