The Greatest Budget Beers

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Rank and add your favorite cheap beers around the world!
OK Rankers, we got those other top dollar beer lists, time for the Frat Boys and the working guys to chime in! We don't drink Heinies everyday now! What do we buy for that Frat Party? What did we buy when we got the local Bum to buy beer for us in High School? Thats right! "Affordable" beers for the everyday Joe....and here they are!
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  • Lone Star/Lone Star Light
    16 votes

    Lone Star/Lone Star Light

  • Rolling Rock
    14 votes
  • Genesee Cream Ale
    11 votes
    4.5% alcohol
  • Old Milwaukee
    9 votes

    Old Milwaukee

  • Berliner Beer
    9 votes

    Berliner Beer

    Germany's Best Pedestrian Beer!
  • Miller High Life
    9 votes

    Miller High Life