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The 20 Greatest Anime Alliances Of All Time, Ranked

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It's always awesome to see two anime characters - or two groups of anime characters - join forces. Each side brings their own strength to the table, but there's also a ton of potential for conflict. With that in mind, we're counting down some of the greatest anime alliances in history. 

Some of the best anime team-ups are between characters who are already loyal to one another, but haven't really had the chance to fight together. Tanjiro and Nezuko adore each other, but Nezuko doesn't fight much. When they have to confront Rui, that changes. Other alliances are between sworn enemies who come together because they have no other choice - who would have thought that Goku and Frieza would ever join forces? But it's not always begrudging - sometimes former enemies realize that they actually have the same goals, like when Lio and Galo finally start to understand each other, and who their enemy truly is.

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    Luffy And Law - 'One Piece'

    Photo: One Piece / Toei Animation

    At first, it doesn't seem like Luffy and Law are going to get along - Law even tells Smoker that he's going to slay Luffy. However, Law later asks Luffy to form an alliance so that they can help each other take down Kaido, one of the Four Emperors.

    Law, Luffy, and their respective crews are all powerful pirates, but none of them are strong enough to take Kaido down alone. To Law, the alliance is more of a business decision, but once it's made, Luffy considers the Heart Pirates to be his personal friends.

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    Itadori And Todo - 'Jujutsu Kaisen'

    Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen / MAPPA

    Before Hanami's invasion of Tokyo Jujutsu High, Itadori and Todo are on opposite sides. They're trying to best each other in a competition, and Todo and his team have been secretly ordered to destroy Itadori permanently. But with a curse on the loose, they have no choice but to put the contest aside and work together. Luckily, they like each other well enough and would rather be friends than enemies.

    By combining Itadori's Black Flash with Todo's Boogie Woogie, they make an exceptional team. But it's not until Gojo steps in with his Hollow Technique: Purple that Hanami is forced to flee. 

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    Tanjiro And Nezuko - 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba'

    Throughout the majority of Demon Slayer, Nezuko Kamado is safely ensconced in the box that Tanjiro carries around. Though she's a powerful demon, she doesn't usually fight - that's Tanjiro's job. But when the two of them face Rui, they form an alliance that proves that they should have been working together more often.

    Using Nezuko's Burning Blood and Tanjiro's Hinokami Kagura, they not only defeat Rui, but also show him what real love between family members looks like.

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    Armstrong And Curtis - 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    Sometimes all you need for a good alliance is mutual respect for one another's muscles. When Izumi and Sig Curtis are called in to help deal with the homunculus Sloth, Alex Armstrong is immediately enamored with Sig's burly body and impeccable strength.

    After a flex-off, the two begin working in sync to beat Sloth. It's one of the funnier moments of the series, but it still manages to be exciting, too. 

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