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The 15 Greatest Anime Cats of All Time

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Meow! It's time to explore the amazing world of anime felines. The best anime cats often exist as full-fledged characters with complex personalities, and that does not include the catgirl trope

Plenty of anime cats help develop the human characters who exist alongside them, providing sources of comfort or comic relief depending on the series. While anime dogs often fill similar roles, there's no denying the adorable charm kawaii cats bring to the table. 

Some of the cutest anime cats actually come from gritty series, like Kuroneko-sama from Trigun, who wanders the world adding a dash of adorableness to the dark anime. Others sacrifice adorability in favor of raw power, like Korin from Dragon Ball Z, who trained Master Roshi and Goku. Whether you want a sweet little kitty friend or a cat that could own you in a fight, the world of anime has your back. 

  • Jiji provides the voice of reason for Kiki, a young witch-in-training prone to impulsive decisions that on occasion put her in danger. When Jiji isn't busy making sure Kiki doesn't accidentally hurt herself, he goes off pursuing his own interests, including romantic ones.

    Jiji exhibits less-than-typical feline behavior, but he's got feline cuteness on lock. 

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  • Artemis and Luna appear to be ordinary cats with decorative headwear, but their looks belie their fascinating origins. These cats are actually aliens from the planet Mau, where they once advised Queen Serenity and now lend their expertise to the Sailor Scouts as a whole.

    Though primarily acting as advisors, Luna and Artemis also find time to enjoy themselves. The two are actually a loving couple and raise a kitten together named Diana. 

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  • Molly leads a double life. On the one hand, she lives as a little girl's beloved pet. On the other, she reigns as the King of Cats, meaning she oversees the safety and well-being of all the cats in her area.

    This involves everything from organizing meetings with her fellow cats to coordinating a group effort to take down a cat-killing man named Matthew. 

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  • Chi is so adorable that her creators made her the main character of her own series, Chi's Sweet Home. She offers an awesome combination of realistic feline behavior and humanlike insight into her surroundings and desires.

    Watching her run around the house at top speed, chase mice, and cuddle up to her humans provides total delight.

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