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The 16 Greatest Sibling Fights in Anime

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Anyone who thinks blood is thicker than water hasn't watched enough anime. The style is loaded with familial brawls, some of which are among the best anime final fights of all time. Because the adversaries share a genetic bond, their issues usually run deeper than the immediate moment, which makes most anime sibling fights feel especially vicious. 

In Naruto, Sasuke's attempt to exact revenge on his brother Itachi is incredibly memorable. The pair's final encounter features notably stunning choreography and gorgeous animation, and the potent mixture of love and hatred that exists between the brothers elevates the moment to a new level. 

When two relatives square off after a lifetime of disagreements, the resulting fight always carries an additional layer of meaning.  

  • When Olivier Armstrong returns home, she tries to pressure her elderly father into retiring, so she can take control of the family's affairs. Her father refuses, as he allegedly intended for her brother Alex to succeed him. To settle things fairly, the patriarch asks his children to fight over the responsibility. 

    The resulting fight could have been dramatic, but instead, it's played for laughs, which makes it incredibly memorable. While Olivier and Alex throw each other into walls, the rest of the family calmly packs for a vacation to Xing.

    Olivier is the victor, but this assumedly means she's the one who has to pay for the damage their father's house incurred.

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  • As a young child, Akame is separated from her sister Kurome so they can both learn to stand on their own as strong warriors. The girls eventually become swords for hire but end up working for opposing factions - Akame sides with the Night Raid, and Kurome with the Jaegers. This all leads up to a sword fight of epic proportions. 

    To maintain her energy, Kurome is dependent on performance-enhancing substances, so she isn't able to match her sister's skills when the effects start to wear off. The fight is ultimately stopped by Wave, another Jaeger member who declares his love for Kurome and suggests they defect together. Kurome agrees to leave the Jaegers behind, and the sisters are able to reconnect on friendly terms later in the series. 

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    Shinra Vs. Sho - 'Fire Force'

    The tension between Shinra and Sho finally reach their breaking point when Sho denies the fact that he has a mother. Shinra is enraged and they start dueling. Although it's a brutal fight, Shinra is committed to bringing back his little brother and takes his beatings. He helps Sho recall his lost memories of them as a family which leads to Sho crying and embracing Shinra. While this fight is amazing because of its incredible choreography and animation, it's also quite moving as Shinra proves he deeply cares for his brother.

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  • Satsuki Kiryuin is president of the tyrannical student council at Honnōji Academy, an organization that manages quality of life concerns for everyone in town. Ryuko Matoi has made it her mission to take Satsuki down, but to accomplish this feat, she has to go through an intense series of tournament-style fights.

    When they finally meet on the field, the two sisters (who are at the time unaware of their relation) wreck each other using a combination of hand-to-hand combat, sword fighting techniques, and superhuman moves made possible by the Life Fibers infused in their sentient school uniforms.

    An energizing soundtrack combines with boldly colorful animation and CGI that actually looks good to produce a brawl for the anime history books.

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