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The 16 Greatest Sibling Fights in Anime

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Anyone who thinks blood is thicker than water hasn't watched enough anime. The style is loaded with familial brawls, some of which are among the best anime final fights of all time. Because the adversaries share a genetic bond, their issues usually run deeper than the immediate moment, which makes most anime sibling fights feel especially vicious. 

In Naruto, Sasuke's attempt to exact revenge on his brother Itachi is incredibly memorable. The pair's final encounter features notably stunning choreography and gorgeous animation, and the potent mixture of love and hatred that exists between the brothers elevates the moment to a new level. 

When two relatives square off after a lifetime of disagreements, the resulting fight always carries an additional layer of meaning.  

  • For most of Naruto, viewers anxiously await the final confrontation between Sasuke Uchiha and his brother Itachi. When Sasuke was a child, Itachi took out the rest of their family, and the hero spends a good portion of the series plotting his revenge. Their face-off is a long time coming, and when the two finally go blow for blow, the fight is amazingly intense. The battle showcases everything Sasuke has learned since his days at Ninja Academy, and both fighters are brimming with empathetic emotion. 

    The fight concludes with Itachi's losing his life, but it isn't really over until Sasuke learns the truth. While Itachi did slay their family, he was made to do so by the Konoha government. His actions prevented civil conflict and saved Sasuke's life. Had Sasuke known his brother was a victim of state-sanctioned manipulation, he never would have slain him. 

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    Inuyasha and Sesshomaru do not get along, and their issues have little to do with their differing personalities. Inuyasha is half-demon, half-human, which causes the pure-blooded Sesshomaru to view him as genetically inferior. The brothers' relationship worsens after their father decides to give each of them a sword; Inuyasha gets the more powerful blade, which enrages the proud Sesshomaru. 

    During the pair's most dramatic clash, Sesshomaru attempts to take possession of Inuyasha's sword and inadvertently buries Kagome in poison. However, Inuyasha's pledge to defend Kagome unlocks his sword's latent abilities, as it was originally crafted to protect humans (like Inuyasha's mother). This allows Inuyasha to finish the fight and defeat his brother. 

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    Natsu Vs. Zeref - 'Fairy Tail'

    In the final battle between Natsu and Zeref, it takes using END's power to finally defeat Zeref once and for all. Even as Zeref enters his Fairy Heart form, Natsu overpowers him with END and his Fire Dragon King Mode. Although Natsu is badly injured and burnt, he takes the victory while Zeref lies on the floor unable to move. Not only does this fight bring a conclusion to the series' final arc, it also provides an emotional end between the two brothers' feud. Before Natsu walks out of the guild hall to see his friends, he bids farewell to his big brother one last time. 

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    Vash and his twin brother Knives are Plants, humanoid creatures who are cultivated like resources, then cruelly discarded when their usefulness subsides. Understandably, neither brother is particularly thrilled about this, but Knives takes his reaction to another level. Hungry for vengeance, Knives decides he wants to wipe out the human race.

    Since Vash still cares about humanity, he finds Knives' plan drastically cruel, which places the siblings on opposite sides of a difficult impasse. The brothers engage in a massive battle that leaves both gravely injured. After the fight concludes, Knives' fate is left a mystery. 

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