The Greatest Bad Boys In TV History

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Bad boy characters who are loved (and a little hated) by girls and women in their shows

List of the greatest bad boys in TV history. Here is a listing of the cream of the crop when it comes to television's best bad boys. Hot, cute, sexy, and dangerous, the best and the baddest of the bunch make their ensemble that much richer. Whatever tough guy categorization you would like to give these characters, they are undoubtedly the coolest -- if not particularly warm -- men to grace our screens every week. And nobody can down whiskey like Don Draper, just like nobody could scare television parents, like teenage bad boys next door Ryan Atwood (The O.C.) and Shawn Hunter (Boy Meets World).

This list includes TV bad boy characters with dark brooding attitudes, leather jackets, motorcycles, dour dispositions, sad mysterious pasts, questionable ethics - and hopeful guys and girls who love them anyway. Dylan McKay, Chuck Bass, and even The Fonz are at the top of our ranks. Vote up the quintessential bad boys on television to shape this list, or click rerank to make a version of your own.

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