The Greatest Banjo Players of All Time

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Who are the best musicians to have ever played the banjo? The banjo is a four or five stringed instrument once created by Africans in Colonial America that is most closely associated with bluegrass, folk, country, and traditional Irish music. A mainstay of old-time American music, the banjo is a popular instrument, even today.

The greatest banjoists of all time originate from different eras and genres and are all hugely talented in their craft. These banjo artists have spent years honing their skills to become the best. From Charlie Poole and Bela Fleck, to Earl Scruggs and Pete Seeger, the most famous skilled banjoists redefined countless musical genres while remaining true to their roots, playing countless sold out shows internationally. Even renowned comedian Steve Martin plays the banjo!

Vote up the best male and female banjoists in history on the list below based on the quality of their albums, songs, and overall mastery of the instrument, rather than simply their fame or popularity.

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