The 18 Most Beautiful Bromances In Comic Book History

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Superheroes tend to travel in packs. You’ve got your Avengers, your Justice League, and your X-Men all serving as examples of the surprisingly social nature of the average costumed vigilante. Obviously, working in such close quarters combined with the life or death situations that come with their line of work) is almost certain to result in the development of some deep and meaningful interpersonal relationships.

We’ve seen friendships, alliances, and even romances spring up from various superhero teammates. On the rarest of special occasions, we even see the most special and profound type of friendship develop between two heroes: the comic book bromance.

What is a bromance, then? A scholar might describe it as a deep, platonic bond between two close friends, but the classic phrase “brother from another mother” probably does a better job of capturing it. While a bromance doesn’t strictly need to be between two males, that’s usually the case.

Like brothers, “bros” will often give each other a hard time and may even fight occasionally, but they will always have each other’s back when the going gets tough. Some truly remarkable superhero bromances have been struck in the pages of comics, and it's high time they were celebrated.


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    Luke Cage And Iron Fist

    Luke Cage and Iron Fist turned bromance into a business by creating the Heroes for Hire, a for-profit superheroing outfit. While the two are far more altruistic than their business model would suggest, they definitely approach heroics from two very different perspectives, and fall into the classic “odd couple” model.

    Luke is a street-wise badass with a temper forged in Harlem, and Danny Rand is a rich guy who was raised by kung fu monks in a metaphysical mountain realm. Somehow, they bring it all together to become the tightest pair of bros in the Marvel universe.

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    Green Lantern And Green Arrow

    Green Lantern And Green Arrow
    Photo: DC Comics

    Oh, sure, put the two green guys together! When Green Lantern and Green Arrow were given a team-up title in the 1970s, it may have seemed like an odd choice, almost like the editors just wanted people with similar names in the same series. It proved to be instant magic, however.

    The fiery liberal Oliver Queen paired nicely with the more conservative, military-oriented Hal Jordan, and this political dichotomy allowed the two to participate in more socially-relevant adventures than the average couple of bros. Green Lantern pulled the ultimate bro move when he returned Green Arrow to life during his brief time as a cosmic entity.

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    Cable And Deadpool

    Deadpool and Cable are easily one of the greatest “buddy cop” combinations ever put together. Pairing the hyper-serious, time-traveling son of Cyclops with everyone’s favorite murder clown seemed like a ridiculous idea at the time, but the two had instant chemistry and went on to share a team-up title for over 50 issues.

    Like any good bromance should, the two brought out the best in each other. Cable convinced Deadpool to take superheroics a little more seriously, and Deadpool taught the mutant messiah to lighten up a little.

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    Spider-Man And Deadpool

    Some initially complained that the burgeoning bromance between Spider-Man and Deadpool was simply being “forced” by Marvel Comics in an attempt to mash two of their hottest properties together. However, the chemistry between the two red-clad, wisecracking vigilantes is undeniable, as is their comedic timing.

    Spidey and Poolie’s adventures went so well that the two were even selected for a rare ongoing team-up series, proving that they really do belong together. As one can probably imagine, this was a much cooler development for Deadpool than it was for Spider-Man.