The Greatest Characters We Watched Grow Up on TV

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Characters played actors who grew up during the course of the series
List of the greatest characters we watched grow up on TV. This list ranks the best TV characters who grew up before the audience's very eyes week to week, or more aptly, year to year. Going through puberty is not exactly easy. But going through puberty in front of an international audience is something on a whole other level. If one wishes to know what that is like, he or she may ask the actors and actresses behind the TV characters on this list. Some of the best characters who grew up from season to season belong in families like the Tanners in San Francisco, as we watched D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle literally go from children to human beings over the course of "Full House." Remember when Corey and Topanga were bickering classmates in "Boy Meets World?" If so, you also probably remember when they started dating and when they got married.
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