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The Greatest Classical Guitarists of All Time

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Classical music is just that. Classic. It has been around for centuries and gone through many different periods. Classical music set the state for all different kinds of modern music and remains popular in its own right to this day. The guitar is also an incredibly popular instrument and mastering it for classical music can be tricky. The musicians on this list have done it, but who are the greatest classical guitarists of all time? 

Becoming a classical guitarist is not an easy task to accomplish. Learning how to master the craft of playing the guitar is hard enough, but a classical guitarist has to take his or her skills to the next level. While the typical guitar uses steel based strings, a classical guitar uses nylon strings which allow the musician to have a softer sound.

This list features the all time greatest classical guitarists, ranked by the community's votes and including, Steve Hackett, Andrés Segovia, Jim Ferguson, and Julian Bream. Vote up the greatest classical guitarists in history below or add someone who is truly great but isn't already on the list.