The Greatest Cops on TV Sitcoms

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Most memorable policeman characters in comedy shows

List of the best police TV characters. These sitcom sheriffs, TV deputies, and television police officers have been around since the beginning of the TV box itself. From cartoon cops to black-and-white era television superstars, this page contains the greatest list of cops in sitcoms that you'll find in the whole wide world (wide web). The funny cop names on this list span all eras of TV history, including classic TV cops and cops cartoon characters.

Plus, with new shows like Mike and Molly and Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Andy Samberg, the best cops on TV sitcoms are yet to come. Who can forget Louis CK's recurring bumbling cop character drooling over Amy Poehler's character on Parks and Rec? The funniest cops on television might have begun on Car 54, Where Are You? but they're not ending anytime soon (at least according to NBC's upcoming lineup). The greatest sitcom cops range from classic appearances - like in Seinfeld's library - to unforgettable famous policeman characters - like the entire cast of Comedy Central's Reno 911! In fact, so many of these police sitcoms end with an exclamation point that they'd better be engrained in our collective memories.

Funny shows about cops don't have to take place in the police station itself (remember Carl Winslow from Family Matters?) but, as we see with the classic TV sitcom Sledge Hammer! and Police Squad! - well, it ain't a bad idea. Enjoy the rankings of these high-ranking law enforcement officials with the funniest cops on television and be sure to upvote your favorite TV policemen.
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