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The Greatest Cornetists of All Time

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List RulesThe best cornet players in history. Vote up the greatest musicians of all time who play cornet.

The cornet is a key instrument to any jazz, blues, Dixieland, or soul ensemble. A member of the brass family, the cornet involves blowing air through a mouthpiece located at the top of the instrument. Like with any instrument, the cornet takes years to master. Who are the greatest cornetists of all time?
The musicians on this list are legends in the world of the cornet and many of them helped to forever shape jazz and blues music! While most cornetists gravitate towards the jazz style of music there are a number of other genres that feature the cornet as well!
This list features the all time greatest cornetists in history, ranked as the best according to the votes of music lovers. This list includes famous cornetists like Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, W. C. Handy, Nat Adderley, and Papa Celestin. Vote up the best cornet players below and see where the musicians you think are great rank!
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